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True kindness, rooted in rapport and respect, unlocks the full potential of tough love, a cornerstone of healthy leadership.



Fortune favors the bold. Absolutely. So who's ready to be bold with their emotional vulnerability?



Truth can hurt. Truth can be joyful. We can choose to keep our hearts open through it all and experience true freedom.

Meet Fabian

Fabian Bouthillette is a speaker, veteran advocate, and founder of Intuitive Integrity: his system of journaling & introspection designed to support seekers and leaders.  He believes that great power and creativity comes from cultivating an intimate relationship with Self. Fabian learned this power of emotional vulnerability from journaling through his own transition to civilian life from his time as a navy officer. Future leaders MUST be emotionally intelligent, and Fabian has dedicated himself to teaching those leaders the tools of turning that emotional intelligence into tangible success.

“Fabian is modest enough to take us on his journey... a journey you are bound to enjoy and from which you are bound to learn."

-Stephen Fry
from the foreword to Gore Vidal's Last Stand

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with foreword by Stephen Fry

"For a relatively brief ebook explicitly tagged "Part One,"Gore Vidal's Last Stand feels surprisingly complex, with its own climaxes, turning points and epiphanies. It does so by telling the author's own story-- as an Annapolis grad, former surface warfare officer turned antiwar activist -- as he told it to acclaimed author Vidal, whose own course was far more affected by his own military experience than most of us readers likely knew." - from Amazon Review

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Fabian is the kind of man the world needs more of. I can trust him simultaneously to accept me as I am and expect me to reach more consistently towards what I want. He pays attention to little details and can see how they fit into the big picture of your life. He's one of those rare coaches who is continually going through the fire himself to grow and learn. The man reads more than anyone I know. Another particularly unique thing about him as a coach is that I think he is extremely masculine, but he hasn't lost touch with his heart. When he speaks, you can feel his love, and his passion for others. I love his truly dedicated approach to life and the people he works with-- he'll stay with you till the bitter end.

- Kate Marshall, filmmaker, all-around powerful woman

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