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Fabian believes in a world where what was once ignored and shunned is now sought after and embraced... and that, precisely, is emotional vulnerability.

Fabian's business, Intuitive Integrity, aims to turn seekers into leaders through advanced self discovery. And any honest, worthwhile practice of self discovery demands emotional vulnerability. Leaders who understand this and embrace an inward journey are bound to be rewarded with immeasurable self trust, self reliance, joy, and much more! 

Yes, leaders must be technically competent and accountable for tangible results. But now those traits are mere prerequisites. The path to innovation, optimization, and success now lies primarily through cultivating relationships and space for transformation within an organization. But first, leaders must be able to cultivate relationship and transformation within themselves. Intuitive Integrity challenges and supports leaders to do just that, and then reap the rewards.

Fabian realized the need for his own personal transformation as he worked to adapt to civilian life after serving as an officer in the navy. His lifelong journaling practice was (and still is) a primary source of support, and it was within that practice that he experienced the potential to reap great power from emotional vulnerability. When you spend time with Fabian you too will experience the great potential of cultivating a relationship with self.

"Working with Fabian is amazing. His love of journaling and helping people discover insights about themselves is so obvious when he's working with you. He makes sure you don't just understand what he's teaching but experience it. It's so unique these days to find someone who actually walks the talk of what they teach. Fabian is that kind of guy."

- Tim Wolf
  Founder, ImagineBoss


  • United States Naval Academy, class of 2003
  • Former Surface Warfare Officer, United States Navy
  • Assistant to Gore Vidal, 2008 - 2010
  • Published Memoir, Gore Vidal's Last Stand, 2014, with foreword by Stephen Fry
  • President of Vets Journey Home: California, 2017
  • Cat Dad to Queso, 2015 - present