Becoming a Veteran at 24 

Catalyzed My Path to Inner Peace

I loved the navy… until I didn’t... but then I did again (years later). It was a confusing experience for me.  After graduating from the United States Naval Academy and then serving as a Surface Warfare Officer… 


I got to the point where I felt misaligned.  


I had been eager to live a life of public service, but after spending time in a warzone during the “War On Terror” and taking part in other operations I did not agree with, I knew the military was the WRONG environment for me, even though I enjoyed many other aspects of being a junior officer and being a student of leadership every day.


It was absolutely the right decision to leave all the violence BUT it was a PAINFUL transition… 


Once out of the Navy I quickly found myself lost, confused, depressed, and even suicidal.


I didn’t know who I was… why I was… or what my purpose was…


What the hell was I supposed to be doing with my life? 


I was numb when I woke up and sad when I went to sleep.


I didn’t have that fulfilling career I thought I would get (I was shifting from odd job to odd job in NYC).  I didn’t have the relationships I wanted… and I didn’t have the focus I so desperately craved.


The only saving grace was my journaling practice.


In fact, I had been journaling, and examining my life, since I was a 13 year old boy. My parents got me a diary to encourage self reflection! My 5th and 6th grade teachers also held me accountable to that practice of self-reflection.


That ALWAYS helped… but it was just one piece of the solution.  


As I kept seeking… I went from being a bartender to becoming a Teacher… with bouts of “micro-clarity”... followed by feelings of loss and yearning.  


It was only when I met famed 20th century author Gore Vidal and was asked to become his personal assistant… that I learned how to find stillness, so I could surrender to my PURE Intuition.


Gore taught me how to judge a person’s character… how to see my own character, and understand how much integrity I really had. He was the first person who challenged me to consider my "wholeness" in a way that my ego did not instantly try to shrug off.


Things slowed down for me during that 2 year period… and when time slows down, emotions come up.


I journaled A LOT while spending time with Gore and learning how to hone my thoughts… how to separate outside influences from inner clarity.


One day, in the flow of writing, I wrote "Intuitive Integrity". 


As soon as I wrote it I knew I had struck on something. I looked at the words and very quickly realized that Intuitive Integrity was what I was cultivating in myself by being so dedicated to my own deconstruction. 


My rigorous practice of self-study was finding all the places that I was being inauthentic with myself. I was becoming excellent at discerning between psychological projection (a defense mechanism of the ego) and how I truly felt. It was often a humbling experience. 


But that willingness to feel humility saved my life. 


It also cultivated my ability to intuitively know how to make myself whole again; thus, Intuitive Integrity. My process of healing and surviving eventually gave way to joy and thriving. 


My own journaling practice had evolved from serving me in a way that kept me alive (surviving) to turning my intuition into a superpower (thriving). 


Maintaining a relationship with myself continues to reward me in ways I cannot anticipate. 


But this I know: the insights I constantly realize from relationship with myself are what aspiring leaders are looking for. 


There is great calm, presence, and confidence from knowing I can go into my journal and find creative solutions. 


This is what I teach. Whether you are still in a mode of survival or well into thriving, Intuitive Integrity can be cultivated and implemented in a practical way. But you must be willing to be honest with yourself about ego and shortcomings, and you must learn to trust the guidance that we often label "intuition."

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  • United States Naval Academy, class of 2003
  • Former Surface Warfare Officer, United States Navy
  • Assistant to Gore Vidal, 2008 - 2010
  • Published Memoir, Gore Vidal's Last Stand, 2014, with foreword by Stephen Fry
  • President of Vets Journey Home: California, 2017
  • Cat Dad to Queso, 2015 - present