Journaling to Destiny

is here!


Welcome to the new flagship journaling course of Intuitive Integrity!

Experience the Power and Beauty of an intimate relationship with yourself.

Make authentic, inspired actions in your life, rooted in a greater sense of Self.

Discover a path of self-discovery designed to last a lifetime.


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In this online course you will learn
--and experience--

 - The ultimate key to resourcefulness is orientation.
   So what would happen if you oriented to your SELF?

- How to distinguish between ego fixated behavior and inspired, spontaneous action.
  Read that again. How valuable would it be to get your ego out of your decision-making process?... and then to experience and trust the spontaneous nature of inspiration?

- The genesis of how you start something is how it must be sustained.
  “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” - Albert Einstein
  So how could someone transcend their own consciousness to solve their own problems? In this course, we search for that answer, an answer only you can find.

Ultimately, we are all looking for love.
How we go about finding that love can be contrived, manufactured, inauthentic.
OR, it can be inspired, vulnerable, and true.

In this brief yet powerful course you have the opportunity to put yourself under the microscope.
With you on this journey will be others committed to gaining new clarity with orientation to themselves.
The course guide, Fabian Bouthillette, a lifelong practitioner of journaling, serves to stimulate and encourage introspection while steering you clear of common mistakes made when engaging with Self in a journaling format.

So why journaling?
  The practice of journaling is regaining much popularity, and for good reason.
  It is a powerful tool.
  And more to the point, it is a HUMAN tool.
  The practice of journaling can gracefully guide you to a pace that facilitates mental alertness and calm, each essential elements of personal growth

The journaling courses presented by Intuitive Integrity and guided by Fabian Bouthillette are truly journeys... Journaling Journeys. The root of both words (jour) merely means a "day."
  So come, for four weeks, experience the day-to-day journey of being in relationship with one SELF in the intimate setting of a journal.

As with any healthy, intimate relationship, your commitment will be rewarded in ways yet to be imagined!


Regular Contact with Course Guide

Comments/Questions left within lessons will be seen and replied to by guide, or directly addressed in weekly live Q/A.

This Course is Yours Forever

Direct access to guide ends after 4 weeks, but not access to this course. As your life unfolds, return to this course to orient to your Self whenever you feel called to do so.

Come Journey with Us!

If you've never sat down with a journal in an open and honest way, you owe it to yourself. Now's the time. Just 4 weeks to greater clarity, confidence, and beauty... and all in the name of what YOU want.
And if you have maintained a journal for a long time, the Intuitive Integrity mindset is sure to bring new insight and layers of unfolding to your practice.

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Key benefits from this course

By merely being willing to look at yourself with renewed commitment and in a supported environment, you are sure to find new ways to approach life.
Ways that, yes, may demand greater responsibility, but also promise greater peace, joy, freedom, and sense of SELF.
This course offers the space to solve precise problems, build intimacy in any setting, launch a new spiritual practice, or simply get present.
And by now we all know how powerful presence alone can be.

Be open with yourself in this course and you are sure to bust through some limiting beliefs.


You will be loved and taken seriously on this journey.

Again, if you've never engaged with a journal, now is your golden opportunity.
And if you do pour out your heart and soul into pages every day, perhaps now is the chance to experience that self love in motion with others.

Begin your Journey now!