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Master Your Self. Honor Your Values. Live Your Destiny.

How To Use Systematic Introspection To Succeed In Your Life Consistently


(Earn more money, create intimate relationships, enjoy better health, trust yourself under stress…
… anything you want is available to you when you discover this one simple truth about your success)


Dear Leader,

If you are willing to be brutally honest with yourself and dive into the depths of why you don't operate at your peak potential (or don't feel more joy) then I will show you a path that will consistently re-orient yourself toward the direction of your success.

There is one simple truth you need to know that allows you to see exactly where you have been self-sabotaging, and how to cut it out so you can finally enjoy the things you desire & deserve. (In fact, we all deserve your best.)

I discovered this process after my time in the Navy as a surface warfare officer, and then needing to be brutally honest with myself as I reintegrated into civilian life.

Great entrepreneurs and geniuses have independently stumbled upon and written about this simple process hundreds of times.

It is something every single person who knows how to read & write is capable of doing.

And it is the fastest, most direct path to better relationships, better health, more honest communication, more self awareness, mental mastery, emotional intelligence and earning more money.


I'll tell you exactly what it is in a minute, but first let me set the stage as to why this breakthrough matters for you and your life.


Mistakes Could Mean The Death Of Thousands
Or Just Missing Out On Joy

(Either Way, a Tragedy)


In the Navy, there is virtually no room for error.

When I first joined, many years ago, I had no idea what I was in for.

It's a totally different world from the civilian world.

On a warship, you are part of a larger organism.

The integrity of the ship and completion of the mission is placed above all else. Leaders of these ships know that making a mistake could mean the death of everyone onboard. Which is why the military constantly exercises and refines strategy and tactics, and demands commitment to strict codes.

Because more than just lives are at stake.

It's about honor.

And the leaders have to know how to command respect and have their orders executed immediately and without question.

Very valuable skills for any leader to learn and master.

When I got out of the Navy and returned to civilian life, I realized how much of an advantage it was to have had this task-oriented nature installed in my mind, and then trained over and over again..


Well, because so many people just straight up suck at getting stuff done. They never develop the discipline and follow-through required to accomplish anything. 

But my civilian life was not as strict as my navy life, and as the need to be so purely task oriented faded into my past, I started to explore a different side of creation. 

The inner world. Emotions. Relationships. 

(What I didn’t realize immediately at the time was that going into my inner world wasn’t so much about studying creation directly (not at first anyway), but getting to understand my emotional pain so that I woudn’t continue down a path toward suicide.)

The intensity of this self-study led me to see how many people actually had adopted a rigorous military mentality in their day-to-day life.

Pressing for goals, following strict schedules, repressing emotions, working themselves to the bone… and adopting a very task-oriented approach to life. 

They were missing out on what makes life worthwhile, the very thing I was supposedly fighting for in the navy.


Because Joy doesn't come from accomplishment.

Let me say that again, Joy does NOT come from accomplishment.

Joy comes from relationships and celebration of accomplishment with others. And, in fact, I had experienced this type of joy in the navy.

So making the massive mistake of not nurturing relationships could rob you of one of the most beautiful emotional experiences you have available to you... feeling pure joy.

Discovering these two different (but necessary) modes of operating a process of integration in motion within me.

A process to dig deep and question how best to lead, interact, and share wisdom with others.

And it led to a startling conclusion...

Have you ever asked yourself...

What do I do next?”
(A question that can kill leadership ability)


Everyone has a different theory on how to prioritize and make decisions about next actions.

For example, you may be familiar with the hustle & grind mentality... just keep pushing harder and harder! Work yourself to the bone! In fact, this mentality often forgets to prioritize at all!

Yet, many sources promote and glorify it as THE answer to life, the universe, and everything.

But it doesn't matter how hard you can push, or how long you can go, if you don't know which direction to move in.

And THAT is the true quality of a great leader.

Not being able to move faster than anyone else, but knowing where to go.

This is why the captain sits on the bridge of a ship, not in the belly working on the engine.

Furthermore, a lack of access to clear inner guidance on what to do next creates an internal disconnect and shame.

I'm the leader here, I should know what to do… why do I feel like I’m making it up as I go along?”

This can lead to crippling anxiety, or is already a symptom of crippling anxiety.

“I am going to make the wrong decision, so I might as well not make any decision and just see what happens”

Have you ever had a thought like that?


Effective leadership is based in self-trust.

And in order to trust yourself, you have to know yourself. 

Which is where many leaders fall short.

You may know your business, your team, your market and your industry… but if you don’t know yourself then there will always be a lack of the innovation and initiative required to be a successful leader. 


True Wealth & Power Comes From 

Tapping Into Your Rich Inner World


I heard a song recently that said:

“Even if you’re broke true riches lie within you” 

It’s true. 

Look at the story of great leaders throughout history… almost all of them have some chapter of their story where they looked like failures… broke, alone with shattered dreams and abandoned plans. 

But did they quit?



Because they had something else… Despite the situation and circumstances, they were able to tap in, reach down and find the vast reserves of power available to them.

Despite the feelings of the moment, despite the obstacles, challenges and roadblocks, they were able to find guidance and strength to push on.

There is only one place this resilience can come from.

Emotional intelligence (or vulnerability).

Understanding how to navigate through heavy emotions gives a strength of spirit that will embolden and empower you to press through whatever challenges you face. And waiting for you on the other side of those challenges is the creativity, innovation, and divine insight all great leaders know how to tap into.

Now you might be thinking:

”How do I cultivate this strength of spirit?”

The answer is to create a process of personal transformation that keeps you emotionally oriented.

Think of a process of personal transformation like creating a great furnace inside of you. 

This furnace can take your emotional turmoil as fuel and output clean energy that can be used to drive you towards your goals. 

AND this energy created from your own personal transformational process can transmute others' energy into forward motion as well, driving your whole team forward in the process. 

When you are emotionally oriented you can be more present and connected to your team.

Which will make you a more effective leader.

Because, as you’re about to read, effective leadership is all about having solid relationships. 


How I Created My Own Transformational Process 

Of Systematic Introspection: “Intuitive Integrity”


When I was in the Navy I studied great admirals from history. In fact, I still do.

One thing I have noticed about many of these great admirals is that they were not only intelligent strategists, but they were also deeply emotionally connected to their crews. 

They understood it was a balance of people, places, and things that would come together to achieve victory.

All of them also kept very detailed ship’s logs and personal logs. 

To keep track of patterns in weather and then use those patterns to their advantage, and to keep track of themselves and stay oriented to their crews.

Probably the most famous admiral in history, Admiral Nelson, had his right arm amputated in 1797 after being hit by a musket ball while leading a land raid. He was right handed, but did not miss a beat and continued his logs left handed.

He was that committed to keeping his logs updated and on track. He was that committed to keeping himself oriented.

I have kept a journal for much of my life, but it only became a committed practice when I became a commissioned naval officer, just six weeks after the invasion of Iraq in 2003. My journal has been with me all over the Western Pacific and all the way up to the Northern Arabian Gulf.

I used many unique moments with my journal to develop an awareness of my orientation and then to refine my ability to orient. My journal served me as an officer, and then through my transition to civilian life, which as I mentioned above, was often challenging. 

An honest relationship with myself through the journal told me whether I was on track to do what I set out to do, or if I was being dishonest with myself. The journal was also a place I could correct myself when I went off course. 

This is what led to the creation of the systemic process I now call Intuitive Integrity.

What is Intuitive Integrity?  

It is being honest about where you have been, the experiences you have had, and how you relate them.

When you reflect on the trajectory you have traveled you pick up on patterns and themes, and recognize opportunities to make better decisions about how to allocate time, energy and resources moving forward.

You also learn to recognize limiting patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior, and how to let go of those patterns to open up space for authenticity and innovation.

Your course correction (toward your Integrity) becomes natural and automatic (Intuitive).

And the simplest way to do this is with a pen and paper.


But not in the way most of us have learned, or in the way you might think…

Most of us never learned to use the pen and paper as a deep mirror to see into our souls and build a relationship with our emotional energy.

And when you do discover how to do this?

It’s like finding the door to Narnia. 

With commitment and proper technique you will develop an almost magical ability to ride tides and currents of energy into situations set up for your success. 

This is where Intuitive Integrity comes in.

I have tested, studied, and researched the simple act of journaling exhaustively. I have supported people in creating their own unique journaling practice, and have read clinical studies on the power of expressive writing.

And I have systematized it to a point where I can show you the exact steps you need to take to start and develop this habit in a way that will profoundly transform your life.

Many of my previous students and clients have told me this one habit has created more positive change in their lives than any other habit they have adopted.

And I want to invite you to learn it now, along with a host of other valuable leadership tools, tips, strategies and techniques… 


Introducing The Sage Leadership Academy

The Most Balanced Leadership Course Ever Created


You may have noticed there are about 10 bazillion resources available on leadership.

Everyone claims to have the best, latest, greatest, scientifically proven methods to motivate and manage teams of humans into peak potential.

So why is this different?

Well I’ll tell ya why.

Because the Sage Leadership Academy is about developing you first and foremost, and forever.

You may have heard the saying “your inner world creates your outer world” 

It’s true. 

And if you want to know this inner world, you must be ready to be emotionally vulnerable with yourself.

The most effective ways to lead include an emotional capacity forged from having sincerely committed to a process of personal transformation.

This capacity allows you to consistently create the symphony of right actions and decisions that will lead to compounding successes. 

And it’s probably not going to look how you think it will look.


Because it will be about balancing out your systems. Your inner and outer worlds. Cultivating boundaries. Reflecting on relationships. Balancing masculine and feminine energies.

Yes, there will always be many techniques and tools that you can immediately use to command more respect with your requests and boost your team’s productivity. Many are worth learning and having available.

But I can guarantee you this process of inner transformation, once started, will take over and take you to places you have no idea about.

Imagine having a team surrounding you that genuinely loves you and wants to work with you!

Imagine how it will feel to be able to walk away for a minute (or days or weeks) to give yourself the break you need… while trusting your business won’t fall apart behind your back.

And, of course, imagine doubling your current income while working less! 

Those are a couple snippets of what’s available to you when you commit to becoming a truly transformative leader. Most of the rest of what’s available to you is for you to discover as you make the process your own.

Yes, when you join the Sage Leadership Academy you are going to learn how to create trust.


You will learn how to create trust in life, by being in tune with the natural cycles and rhythms of life… slowing down, tuning in and listening to yourself and to the others in your life.

You will move from indecision to intuition and others will naturally trust you more because you trust yourself!

Think about it, how can you expect anyone else to trust you if you don’t trust yourself completely? 

You’ll be amazed what happens when you cultivate a knowingness of when to move… and when to wait… what to say and to whom… and you’ll be able to see around corners and find hidden levers to maximize output while decreasing input.

Sound too good to be true?

Keep reading, and you’ll find out just how confident I am that it will work for you. 


What’s Inside The Sage Leadership Academy?

The Sage Leadership Academy is an 8 week online course.

It will guide you through an honest assessment of the challenges you face in life, which brings forth a willingness to be more courageous, and a willingness to go through the emotional pains necessary for growth.

The first month will be about building inner strength, discipline, and a better relationship with yourself.

The second month will be about how that relationship allows you to optimize decisions and actions for more effective, powerful, real leadership. 

Power WITH people, not merely over them or because you have a certain title.

Here are just a few of the topics we’ll cover inside: 


  • How to build a relationship and communication with your Self (Hint: You have to know how to differentiate the “voices” inside… what’s ego and what’s higher Self) 
  • How to use the practice of journaling as an instrument of introspection 
  • Why vulnerability is the secret sauce for deconstructing your personality and finding the hidden patterns ruling your subconscious 
  • Why discernment is different from judgment and how to make better decisions 
  • How to discern what thought, emotional, and behavioral patterns are authentic and loving and which ones are destructive and fear-based 
  • The magic bullet to understand what ego fixation is and how to begin dissolving it instantly 
  • The “big 3” questions when it comes to journaling (These are the KEY to using a pen and paper as an effective tool, and make it so your transformation is practically guaranteed) 
  • The process of “letting go” and spontaneous resourcefulness (master this and you will be unstoppable)
  • How to dissect your decision making process 
  • How to let go of emotional baggage and free up that stuck energy you’ve been lugging around 
  • How to make clear declarations and commitments to growth 


And that’s just a taste of what the first month will be about… 

The second month will take all that energy and introduce leadership techniques based on integration of the feminine energy…

When you discover how to balance task-oriented actions and relationship-oriented actions you will have a team that is more effective AND happier. 

You’ll find out how to take stock of your teammates… learning how to truly listen, explore, and be vulnerable. 

You’ll develop clarity on your organization’s culture, and find out if your leadership is reflecting that culture. 

You’ll find out how your personal triggers have been holding your entire organization back (AND how to work through those triggers quickly to allow your whole organization to move forward). 

You will find out how to make difficult decisions a lot easier. 

And you will also see how to use all this awareness with new techniques to attract, hire, and retain the talent that will be optimally aligned with your organization. 

The course will be taught online by video, sometimes live. There will be weekly calls and other regular access to the course guide, Fabian Bouthillette. You will be totally supported through the entire process. 

You will be left with a practice of self-study you can trust going forward in life.

A practice you can rely on for creativity and resourcefulness, a practice you can trust in the face of stress to keep you grounded and connected to your team, your family, and all your loved ones.

Imagine being able to trust stressful moments as opportunity for innovation and growth. Rather than contracting and scrambling, stress would actually induce excitement!

So, if you’re still reading now, then you probably have realized how this course is different and will radically shift how effective your team is.

But I need to let you know something….

Warning! Intensity Inside!!
(NOT For Everyone)


Look, we are going to dive to the depths of why you don’t have what you want right now.

We are going to take an honest look at the subconscious and unconscious programs that have been running the show without your knowledge. 

Some of these programs go all the way back to childhood and investigating them will challenge the foundational assumptions you make about your life.

Yet, if you are courageous and honest with yourself right now, and seek even deeper layers of honesty with yourself, then this will be a powerful tool for you.

You will be challenged on all your preconceived notions of who you are, and how you can be your best self.

And it will can be intense.

Too intense for some. 

Frankly, true leadership just isn’t for those who would shy away from this intensity.

So, if you are not willing to look deeply at yourself in the mirror… if you are not willing to be open and approach this process with humility then this course is not for you.

Stuff will come up.

But you can know you will be held and supported through the intensity. 

And when approached with true humility and a genuine commitment to growth, the outcome is assured and great rewards shall be yours.

You’ll be spending a lot of time (possibly more than ever before) with a pen and paper, looking inside and asking yourself deep questions… so if you are not willing to invest that time into developing your psyche, then this is not for you.

Also, you should know Journaling is not always easy. It can be a euphoric experience, and I wish those moments for you.

It can also be exhausting and tiring… your hand might hurt at first, you might feel sick and tired of staring at a piece of paper trying to make sense of your life…

And it will take time. You’ll be asked to invest at least 30 minutes each day into introspective exercises.

If I haven’t scared you off yet, though, then this just might be… 


The Best Investment You Will Ever Make 

Over the last decade I have spent over $20,000 dollars on my own personal development: hiring coaches and therapists, reading books, attending seminars and events, working with consultants and guides.

And you know what?

The best investment I have ever made has nothing to do with the money I spent (though I'd happily spend it all again). 

It’s the time I spent invested in getting to know myself.


Time is so much more valuable than money. I can replace money. I can’t replace time.

Above I have already discussed how pure joy itself is a reward of this inner work, this introspection. Well that joy is reaped from an investment of time, not money. 

So we always have a choice… will we (at worst) stay crippled by anxiety, or (at best) run around putting out fires constantly, hoping circumstances will change for us ....

Or will we take responsibility and step up to realize that our inner world creates our outer world.

And if you truly recognize and realize the “as within, so without” principle… then it only makes sense to invest more time strengthening and developing your inner world. 

Knowing this is a topic the military is spending millions of dollars on researching and training their leaders on each year… 

And knowing there are many courses and events available out there for $3,000-5,000 that teach leadership concepts…

I feel totally fine about asking $2,000 for this course.

However, since right now it is a new version of this course and I am looking for people who are willing to test it out and give me testimonials, I am running an opening special and offering access to the full 8 week program for just $1,500. 

“Yes! I Am Ready To Take Action, Orient to My Inner World and Totally Transform To Maximize My Leadership Ability!”


If you are ready to get started, then click the button below to schedule a meeting with the course guide, Fabian Bouthillette.

You will have the chance to ask questions and gain even more clarity on how this course and its systematic approach to introspection will help you manage your emotions and relationships in an entirely new way, so you can be far more effective with your actions and wise in your decisions. 

You will also have the chance to sign up and receive support on your journey immediately.

It won’t always be easy to look in the mirror this deeply, for this long… but I guarantee you, it will be worth it.


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I think it's most important that we see if we would work well together. But no matter how we first connect, I'm all yours.

It is my greatest pleasure to connect with people ready to take themselves on in deeper ways, and reap real rewards for a powerful, joyful life.


An Ironclad Guarantee and My Promise

When you join this, you are making a commitment to me (and to yourself) that you will honestly assess your inner world and take action to experience the ease and comfort of allowing your intuition to guide you. 

If you are not honestly willing to make that commitment right now, then do not join.

I am doing this to get results for you. 

I also care completely about increasing the quality of leadership in our world. I am really only looking for a select handful of clients who are willing to do the work to get the results.

Are you ready for that?

So, my guarantee, here it is:

If you do nothing, nothing will change. Straight up.

However, I do promise to give you my full capacity as a listener and as a guide. This is why I invite you to schedule a call with me now. Let’s connect and get really clear about what it would be like to work together for two months. Then we can discuss guarantees.

This path of introspection is all in the name of developing your self-trust.

Teaching this path constantly tests and refines my experience of self-trust.

Let’s see what magic we can create together, for you.


Yes! Let's connect!


 The True Cost Of Inaction…


I have one final thing to say before you go… whether you join this course or not, I hope you develop the courage to truly face your fears and take the decisive actions that will lead you to what you desire.

If you experience anxiety regularly and don’t proactively take actions to overcome those anxious thought patterns, then you will most likely not experience the full joy of success that you desire. In fact, you’ll have similar experiences of failure over and over.

Again, nothing will change if you change nothing.

I’ve been through crippling anxiety and come out the other side. The journey, though challenging, was well worth it.

And through that journey I’ve learned that there is great power to be found and wielded.

Taking yourself seriously and honestly through a systematic approach to introspection is not just about getting over anxiety, but learning how to outperform competition through inspired innovation and resourcefulness rooted in emotional vulnerability.

If you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you’ve always gotten.

You have to do something different to get something different.

And it starts within.

I can’t say it enough times…


So everything you want… happier relationships… better sex… more money… a more efficient business… more time to vacation… trust in ability to sustain innovation… is on the other side of a door. You and you alone hold the key.

I can walk you to the door, and tell you what is on the other side, but you are the one who has to put the key in the door and turn the knob.

If this is speaking to you, then it’s time to put the key in the lock, do what you KNOW you need to do in order to BE who you want to be, so you will DO what you need to do, so you can HAVE what you want to have.

The other option is to keep trying to fix everything outside of yourself, and trying to push forward like a car with a flat tire… you can push on the gas harder and harder but it’s not going to do what you need it to do until you fix that flat.

So take a minute now, check in with your gut… and ask yourself, is this the right thing for me right now?

If it is, I look forward to guiding you through this journey. Click the button below and let's get going! 


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