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Fabian presents profound, complex topics with precision and creativity. He inspires the room with the unshakable belief in his cause. Fabian has been to the depths of the abyss and returned, and it shows. 
Although he has his experiences to share, he is an adamant champion of people finding their own way and reaping the benefits of doing so.

People who spend time with Fabian leave with joy, clarity, and motivation. He leaves people seeing the link between inner work and practical benefits.

His balance of embodied masculine power with tenderness is a demonstration of what he teaches: power through vulnerability.

Keynotes & Breakouts

Below are Fabian's signature talks. However, he does offer programs upon request related to inner work (emotional and spiritual), introspection, and their connection to better leadership and culture. Fabian customizes every talk to ensure it resonates precisely with your organization and audience.


Understanding the essential relationship between leadership and personal cultivation

Audience Best For: CEOs, Leadership Teams, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants

** This talk is well suited for teams in general as it covers communication and innovation at all levels.

Talk Outline


Navigating the military to civilian transition

Audience Best For: All Military. Veterans and their Families. People who serve veterans. People who work with veterans. People looking to hire veterans.

Talk Outline


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